Re: RARA-AVIS: Ross Thomas & Howard Hunt

From: Scott Owen (
Date: 11 Apr 2002


Yes, David St. John is another EHH pseudonym.

Incidently, I just picked up THE HOUSE ON Q STREET, by EHH as Robert Dietrich. Good, decent harboiled stuff with featured a tough-guy accountant. (Don't try stealing this guy's pencils!) Unfortunately, my copy was missing the last 40 pages. Grrrr...


>From: "Rene Ribic" <>
>I've just read Ross Thomas's MORDIDA MAN, which I enjoyed muchly. I got
>a little extra amusement when reading about one of the minor characters,
>a very low level CIA informant who fancied himself as a professional
>espionage agent. He learned his trade from his complete collection of
>paperbacks written by David St John (IIR the name Correctly - people on
>this list have some idea of how reliable my memory is), a former
>Watergate burglar. I ask the Wisemen of Rara-Avis if D St John is one of
>Howard Hunt's pseudonyms? It's not one I'm familiar with.

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