RARA-AVIS: one's favorite characters

From: Robison Michael R CNIN ( Robison_M@crane.navy.mil)
Date: 10 Apr 2002

mrT said:
<< voting for one's favorite characters >>

then jim blue:
    Welcome back, Mr. T, and thanks for reminding us what we're about in this voting. "Best," whatever it might be designated under other circumstances, clearly means at least a dozen different things in this balloting, including



you had posted a while back about what exactly we are voting for, whether it just be our favorite characters, or the most influential, and that gave me pause to think for a while.

just like a child who can tell you his favorite meal is a mcdonalds happy meal, i knew that i could do a list of favorite characters. i also knew i was definitely not qualified for the task of choosing the most influential... there are way too many gaps in what i have read, such as james cain, crumley, stark, goodis, and at least two dozen others.

putting my list together was revealing. i had always thought that strong and interesting characters were the main criteria by which i determined a book "good", but when i looked for my 20 favorite characters, i found that some of my favorite books
(like willeford's _burnt orange heresy_) didn't really have any characters that really moved me, and, vice versa, some of my favorite characters (like thompson's doc mccoy in _the getaway_) were in books that i wouldn't put at the top of my list.


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