RARA-AVIS: welcome back to mrT

From: Michael Robison ( zspider@gte.net)
Date: 09 Apr 2002

mrT returns:
> And this is all for now. After almost a year of reading
> nothing but Faulkner (I had to do it, even if did spoil my
> prose forever, I had to do it), I'm back with hardboiled
> fiction, reading some Aarons, some Prather, a couple of old
> collections of short stories, and Ross Macdonald. The
> Barbarous Coast seems a lot better than I remembered. I'm
> never done with this writer, the most mysterious of all...

good to see you back. did you read faulkner's "the bear"? whoops! i guess thats not hardboiled so its not discussable here. _as i lay dying_ is my favorite faulkner. i searched the archives after i read cormac mccarthy's _blood meridian_ and noticed that you had commented on him. i guess i'm going to read _child of god_ next. incest, rape, and murder. oh boy! my favorites! i think i'll avoid that trilogy work. it sounded like it got a bit sentimental and "lonesome dovish" to me. i'll pass on that.


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