RARA-AVIS: I want to vote

From: Mario Taboada ( matrxtech@yahoo.com)
Date: 09 Apr 2002

While on sabbatical from the list, I ran into the archives in a web search, got curious about voting for one's favorite characters, so here are mine:

*Parker (Richard Stark)
*Mario Balzic (K.C. Constantine)
*The mad Russian, Myushkis (Bottom Liner Blues, by K.C. Constantine)
*Dudley Smith (James Ellroy)
*Buzz Meeks (James Ellroy)
*Stick (Elmore Leonard)
*Hoke Mosely (Charles Willeford)
*The dotty old guy (in Sideswipe, by Charles Willeford)
*Philip Marlowe (Raymond Chandler)
*Clete Purcell (James Lee Burke)
*Socrates Fortlow (Walter Mosley)
*Mouse (Walter Mosley)
*Easy Rawlins (Walter Mosley)
*Mofass (Walter Mosley)
*Shell Scott (Richard Prather)
*Dan Kearny of DKA (Joe Gores)
*Protagonist of Goodbye Pops (Gores's masterpiece of a short story)
*Max Latin (Norbert Davis)
*Doan & Carstairs (Norbert Davis)
*Paul Pine (Howard Browne)
*The Continental Op (Dashiell Hammett)
*Yana Poteet, protagonist of Cons, Scams and Grifts (Joe Gores)
*Protagonist of The Girl with the Long Green Heart
(Lawrence Block)
*Tiny Bulcher (Donald Westlake)
*Sheriff Dan Rhodes (Bill Crider)
*Maigret (Georges Simenon)

And this is all for now. After almost a year of reading nothing but Faulkner (I had to do it, even if did spoil my prose forever, I had to do it), I'm back with hardboiled fiction, reading some Aarons, some Prather, a couple of old collections of short stories, and Ross Macdonald. The Barbarous Coast seems a lot better than I remembered. I'm never done with this writer, the most mysterious of all...



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