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From: Terrill Lankford (
Date: 08 Apr 2002

Bruno Wu wrote:

> Hi All,
> I have decided to use a thief (not just any old thief of course) as the
> protagonist in my next story. I am currently in the process of coming up
> with the background material/motivation for this character. Please
> recommend some good fiction/non-fiction work (the more recent the better)
> that deals with thieves and/or their trade. In particular, I am interested
> in works that detail the planning and execution of jewelry, bank, gold vault
> jobs and just plain old house burglary. Please feel free to recommend other
> research sources as well. Thanks. Cheers.
> Bruno


Any and all the Parker books from Richard Stark are worth looking at when it comes to fictional thieves. The older ones are quite dated but still interesting. Eddie Bunker's oeuvre will also help in your quest as would a book called THE HOME INVADERS by Frank Hohimer (sp.?) which was the basis for the Michael Mann movie THIEF (you probably have a better chance finding it in the movie tie-in version of the book than the original printing). And Mike Connelly's VOID MOON has good info on hot prowlers.


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