RARA-AVIS: My Top 20-Hardboiled

From: wohalvorson@uswestmail.net
Date: 08 Apr 2002

21. Bill Crane (series, Jonothan Latimer) 87. Easy Rawlins (series, Walter Mosley)/ 88. Ed Clive (NO GOOD FROM A CORPSE, Leigh Brackett) 148. Jim Sader (SLEEP WITH SLANDER, Delores Hitchens) 166. Kells (FAST ONE, Paul Cain) 173. Lew Archer (series, Ross Macdonald) 184. Madox (HELL HATH NO FURY a.k.a. THE HOT SPOT, Charles Williams) 197. Max Latin (short stories, Norbert Davis) 218. Ned Beaumont (THE GLASS KEY, Dashiell Hammett) 231. Paul Pine (Halo series, Howard Browne) 244. Race Williams/Terry Mack (series, Carrol John
 Daly) 260 Sam Spade (THE MALTESE FALCON, Dashiell Hammett) 262. Satan Hall (series, Carroll John Daly 281. The Continental Op (series, Dashiell Hammett) Write-ins: Doan and Carstairs (Norbert Davis) Bill Lennox (W.T. Ballard) Ed and Am Hunter (Fredric Brown) Bill Manning (SCORPION REEF- Charles Williams) Ben Jardinn (DEATH IN A BOWL-Raoul Whitfield)
* Potenial Spoiler
* Corkscrew aka S. Inis St. Irme (RED RIGHT HAND- Joel Towsley Rogers)

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