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Date: 07 Apr 2002

Same thing with race and even to some degree the sex wars ... so-and-so isn't White, they were actually X and thus their prestige belongs to the group when in fact individual success belongs to no one but the individual. If the individual did something notable then there's a desire to define them as part of the race, sex, or sexual preference in order to legitimatize the group. Actually, I've seen this as an aspect of nationality as well. It's no longer a matter of equality (if it ever was) it is a matter of establishing superiority. Shame we are not likely to see literature, hard-boiled or otherwise deal with this since any author with balls big enough and a publishing house not paying attention is going to immediately be labeled racist, homophobic, or sexist by the whinerati.

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Wasn't it fashionable, politically correct for a while to draw any kind of cock-a-mamie theory to prove almost any recognised writer was in fact a closet homosexual?

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