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And I think, to expand on James's comment, that it's notable that only two US tv soap operas have had any kind of syndicated-repeat career--cult classic DARK SHADOWS and the criminous episodes Slesar wrote and/or rewrote for THE EDGE OF NIGHT.

Such stories as "The Jam" were indeed as noirish as they get, and his humor, in Ruby Martinson stories and others (perhaps someone should've thought of RM for our 100 characters...I certainly should've), was often ultraviolet. TM

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Henry Slesar may not have been the most hardboiled writer out there, but he penned some of the most noirish stories for AHMM (& the TV show) this side of Roald Dahl. Especially worth reviving are the Ruby Martinson stories.


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> > Today's NEW YORK TIMES carries the obit notice. It's vague enough to
> > slight hope, but while I'll believe there are two Henry Slesars in NYC,
> > doubt both would be born in 1927.
>Hate to hear this. Don't think I've read any of Slesar's novels, but I've
>enjoyed many of his short stories over the years. And as the head writer
>THE EDGE OF NIGHT, he kept it a vital, interesting series for years. Not
>that many hardboiled or noirish elements, but it had its moments.

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