RARA-AVIS: Top 20 Hardboiled

From: Reed Andrus ( rsandrus@swbell.net)
Date: 04 Apr 2002

Based on the Updated List of April 1, 2002

My list includes a strange omission from the above-mentioned list -- Nate Heller (Max Allan Collins, series). If this is not allowed, I guess I'll substitute Batman even though his hardboiled persona is a recent re-casting in Dark Knight verbiage.

Choices based mainly on character attitude. Earl Swagger given the nod over Bob Lee because he came first, chronologically, and was responsible for his son's rigid sense of duty.

13. Augustus Mandrell (series, Frank McAuliffe) 34. Buzz Meeks (Big Nowhere, James Ellroy) 48. Clete Purcell (Dave Robicheaux series, James Lee Burke) 76. Earl Swagger (Swagger family epic, Stephen Hunter) 93. Frank Clemons (trilogy, Thomas Cook) 109. Harry Bosch (series, Michael Connelly) 118. Jack Carter (series, Ted Lewis) 119. Jack Devlin (series, John Clarkson) 122. Jack Reacher (series, Lee Child) 152. Lew Archer (series, Ross Macdonald) 155. Lloyd Hopkins (series, James Ellroy) 158. Lucas Davenport (series, John Sandford) 170. Matt Helm (series, Donald Hamilton) 171. Matthew Scudder (series, Lawrence Block) 180. Mike Hammer (series, Mickey Spillane) 202. Nick Stefanos (series, George Pelecanos) 212. Philip Marlowe (series, Raymond Chandler) 234. Sam Spade (The Maltese Falcon, Dashiell Hammett) 261. Travis McGee (series, John D. MacDonald)

... Reed Andrus

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