RARA-AVIS: My Top 20 Hit Picks

From: Rene Ribic ( rribic@optusnet.com.au)
Date: 03 Apr 2002

My vote goes like so, not in order of preference : Bernie Gunther (18) Chili Palmer (45) Coffin Ed Johnson (50) Dudley Smith (74) Earl Drake (75) Easy Rawlins (77) Eddie Coyle (79) Freddy Fenger Gravedigger Jones (104) Hoke Mosley (113) Jack Carter (118) Lou Ford (157) Mouse (192) Nick Corey (200) Parker (205) Perdita Durango & Romeo Dolorosa (209) Private Roy Elwood (218) Roy Dillon (232) The Continental Op (253) Tom Ripley (260)

How did I arrive at this list? I went through the list of nominations & made a rough preliminary list - which came to almost exactly 20 names. A little pruning & voila! The characters were not chosen for their importance (or the importance of the works they come from) & doesn't necessarily reflect my opinions of the works or authors they originated from. I basically picked characters that I "liked" for whatever reason, characters who affected me in some way, mainly that they were memorable. I don't doubt that if I were to have another go at the list on another occasion that there would be numerous changes, ditto if I were to put many hours into working on the list - the topic isn't important enough for me to invest that kind of time. Note: I personally would have preferred to vote for Coffin Ed & Gravedigger as a single item but as the nominations were listed separately I went with the flow. If they had been a single vote, my spare vote would go to Travis McGee (at this moment in time).


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