RARA-AVIS: Re: RARA-AVIS Digest V4 #187

From: JT Lindroos ( jt@oivas.com)
Date: 02 Apr 2002

Process of elimination, sort of in order, lots of Willeford & Thompson on the list. Three write-ins (**), shoulda piped in earlier: James Figueras per other votes, Joe Egan from Behm's excellent AFRAID TO DEATH and Lenore Thomas from Jack O'Connell's BOX NINE.

Hoke Moseley (series, Charles Willeford) Lloyd Hopkins (series, James Ellroy)
** Lenore Thomas (BOX NINE, Jack O'Connell) Milo Milodragovitch (series, James Crumley) C. W. Shugrue (series, James Crumley) Hap Collins & Leonard Pine (Hap & Leonard series, Joe R. Lansdale) Frank Mansfield (COCKFIGHTER, Charles Willeford) Richard Hudson (WOMAN CHASER, Charles Willeford) Roy Dillon (THE GRIFTERS, Jim Thompson) Max Dembo (NO BEAST SO FIERCE, Edward Bunker)
** James Figueras (BURNT ORANGE HERESY, Charles Willeford) Dix Steele (IN A LONELY PLACE, by Dorothy Hughes) Doc McCoy (GETAWAY, Jim Thompson) Frederick J. Frenger, Jr. (MIAMI BLUES, Charles Willeford) Lew Griffin (series, James Sallis) Lou Ford (KILLER INSIDE ME and WILD TOWN, Jim Thompson) Matt Helm (series, Donald Hamilton) Ray Hicks (DOG SOLDIERS, Robert Stone)
** Joe Egan (AFRAID TO DEATH, Marc Behm) Nestor Burma (series, [DEATH OF A MARSEILLES MAN - English] LÚ»áMalet)


Something about a writer - Charles Willeford: http://oivas.com/cw/

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