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Date: 01 Apr 2002

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<< >As I see it there are There are three two ways to vote.
 I have a cold, my left ear is infected so I have dizzy spells, I'm
 preoccupied by financial matters... Please somebody just post the ONE
 way to do it before I get confused and vote thrice <whine>?
 MM >> Surely, after all that, we now decide on our favourite hardboiled/noir people and list them, then send them into the list? I presume that we are all doing this, I hope so, I am working on my BEST/FAVOURITE/ etc....... I also assume we agreed that there was no need to limit this, vote for who you like. Yes, this is a hardboiled list, so I would never ever vote for a Le Carre character here, much tho I love the Circus books....... Woohooo, lists ahoy, is that a male thing? Dunno, I like lists they make my shopping kinda fun/ Etc Colin

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