RARA-AVIS: r.r. martin and a song of ice and fire

From: Robison Michael R CNIN ( Robison_M@crane.navy.mil)
Date: 01 Apr 2002

hi jim,

bill mentioned the song of ice and fire series, which starts with _a game of thrones_, then _a clash of kings_, and the latest, _a storm of swords_. i've read the first two. i liked them. the books' chapters shift viewpoints from character to character, so you get to see the plot unfold thru different eyes.

the action is sometimes brutal and ugly, and plenty of characters are cold and calculating. its hardboiled. the story line is unpredictable, too... not always does the good guy win. its even hard to tell who the good guys are sometime.

i've read most of terry goodkind's and robert jordan's fantasy series. they both start off great and dwindle to mediocrity. martin's second was as strong as the first. i recommend him. i can't wait til the third comes out in paperback so i can get it.


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    Does anyone know about the work of George R.R. Martin? Would you recommend it, and if so which books? Is he still writing? Has he written under other names? Thanks in advance for the help.

                                    Jim Blue

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