RARA-AVIS: G. R. R. Martin and Ron Goulart's Max Kearney

From: Todd Mason ( foxbrick@netzero.net)
Date: 01 Apr 2002

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> > Does anyone know about the work of George R.R. Martin? Would you
> > recommend it, and if so which books? Is he still writing? Has he written
> > under other names? Thanks in advance for the help.
> >
> I read "Armaggedon Rag" and would highly recommend it. It's definitely not a
> straightforward horror story, it's such a cross-genre that it probably would
> not be published today, but a great rock n'roll novel !


Yes, Martin is still publishing, and still picking up awards. I'd start with THE ARMAGEDDON RAG (a very chauvinist rock'n'roll novel, quite certain that hippy-era rock is inarguably the best...Mountain, of course, being much better than Link Wray or the Dead Kennedys--surely we all agree...), or perhaps FEVRE DREAM (a more controversial choice) or "The Monkey Treatment" (a good exposure to his vigor, and lack of fear of the crass [as opposed to Crass the band, surely worse than Tommy James and the Shondells]). Did a fair amount of video work in the '80s, between TWILIGHT ZONE and BEAUTY AND THE BEAST the tv series, may still be at it in Hollywood. Dunno if I can say he's particularly hb...

If we can go Creasey and Gideon, how about Ron Goulart's Max Kearney, the father of modern-day snappy patter p(sychic-phenomena) i folk?


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