RARA-AVIS: H is for harper/various

From: Carrie Pruett ( pruettc@hotmail.com)
Date: 30 Mar 2002

Mark wrote:
>I think there are several reasons. I know Paul Newman wanted the name
>changed from Lew Archer to Harper because he thought titles beginning >with
>'H' had been lucky for him (Hustler, Hud Hombe.)

Interestingly enough, I was at a panel at Virginia Crime Wave just last week which included Tom Nolan (? I think that's his name?), Ross Macdonald's biographer. Mr. Nolan said that the "H" story is a myth and was not in fact the reason for the name change. However, he admitted that it was very hard to debunk since Mrs. Newman herself told the story on the tonight show.
  the facts and legend in conflict once again -

I was actually thinking of this story when I Now I don't remember what the reason for the name change was, but I believe that Doug Greene, who moderated the panel, is on this list and maybe he remembers?

re: Wilder - Some Like it Hot probably is a more famous comedy than the apartment, I don't know why I wasn't thinking of that when I posted. i suppose the debate over whether it's funnier than sunset boulevard doesn't belong on this list ;).

current reading - i just started the audio of "Silent Joe" by T. Jefferson Parker. the narrator is both the adopted son and a sort of henchman for a present day Orange County supervisor. lots of political machinations and intrigue underway already, vaguely reminiscent of the Glass Key. I'm only a couple chapters in but really digging it so far. I have tried some of TJP's serial-killer type books before and couldn't get very far, but I might have to revisit his work if this turns out to be as good as it looks.



He got thirty years for lovin' her/ from some Oklahoma governor,/ who said
"everything this doughboy does is wrong" - Tom Waits

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