Re: RARA-AVIS: 3/29/02 - Top 100 List A QUESTION RE: VOTING

Date: 29 Mar 2002

In a message dated 3/29/02 1:41:38 PM, writes:

<< As I review the list and start thinking about voting, I realize that I'm not sure what I'm voting for. >>

    I believe we need to agree about what we're voting for and what our choices are supposed to represent. Otherwise, after we're finished voting, we won't even know what we've done. If we all vote for our favorite hard-boiled characters, that takes the worry out of definitions, since each person's favorites are what he or she says they are.
    However, if we're trying to choose the best ones or the most influential ones then we ought to agree about what "best" or "influential" means in this case. I'm happy either way, but I'd like to understand what we're doing when we do it.

                                    Jim Blue

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