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Date: 28 Mar 2002

London and UK HB noir please. I posted after someone mailed me (Sorry may have been Mark Blu, but due to PC screwup I have lost the mail), suggesting I offer to host this. I am not really sure what hosting entails and I feel sure that someone out there is much more qualified than me. But, I would like to volunteer if someone can tell me what I have to do and if nobody minds. There is a lot of new British crime fiction and I am not sure how much of it makes its way to America and how y'all view it. I'm sure by now you people know how much I love Derek Raymond, I also like "Carter" Ted Lewis and there are several British presses that produce excellent stuff. David Peace's, Yorkshire series are at the very least very interesting and instense and he seems to have followed an Ellroyesque stylistic route that will provoke discussion - now reportedly "sick of the country" he's moved to, and is writing, Tokyo based fiction! There is also, in my opinion, a lot of dross. And, lest we forget, a chance to look at Brit emigre authors, is any of Graham Greene's ouvre HB? Pinky was nominated in the characters' list. How did an English education shape Chandler's work? Alan Moore - a graphic novelist - has done work that should be considered HB. As a Brit I'd love to hear how US and other authors have used my homeland - are there any, so-and-so in London series episodes? If so, how do they portray the city and does it work from a US/UK standpoint? I think there's a lot that could be discussed and I am quite happy to do whatever a host has to do, make cyber tea and biscuits? All the best all. Colin
"the tragedy of help is that it never arrives" Derek Raymond

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