Re: RARA-AVIS: Top 100 update

From: Kerry (
Date: 26 Mar 2002

At 03:38 PM 3/26/02 -0600, you wrote:
>Kerry wanted us to have weighted voting so his candidate would be able to
>get 10 points which would probably get him in the top 100. If we have equal
>voting he felt that wouldn't happen.


> However, I don't think it is proper that one person can ensure
>a character he or she really likes be on the list while another liked by
>many doesn't make it. That seems to be the list consensus.

Uh, is there another Kerry skulking this list or are words being put in my e-mails? Last I recall saying on this subject was that I was happy to leave these process decisions to those who undertake the work. Haven't paid much attention since, except when I spot my name at the top of an e-mail I haven't sent. I don't know how you think you understand my motivations. Nevertheless, you may carry on.

Kerry- the one with over fifty years experience recognizing the world is all screwed up, me with it.

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