Re: RARA-AVIS: Voting procedures

From: M Blumenthal (
Date: 25 Mar 2002

Kate Derie:

> IMHO, no it doesn't make sense. Some of the otherwise inexplicable
> of awards committees are the result of this system. This system of
> preferential voting was devised to provide an "instant runoff" in
> where there can be only one winner and no runners-up. I think each of us
> voting for our ten (or twenty) favorites, in no particular order, will
> a truer picture of the consensus of the list, as those who are valued by
> more people will get more votes and hence rise to the top of the list.

Kate, I had sent Erick an email basically saying what you do, but he had announced it was to be ranked voting. Aside from theoretical considerations, having equally weighted votes it will be a lot easier to accurately keep track of totals. I wasn't totally kidding when I stated we would need an accounting firm. Having to rank your votes could become onerous instead of being fun. It also allows cheating in that you would not give nines to characters you thought were threats to your favorite. Why vote for Philip Marlowe at all even though you normally would when you know enough people are going to vote for him to ensure he will rank high on the list?

If the voting is not ranked I don't mind giving every list member twenty votes instead of ten. Mark

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