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With apologies for the delay, here's the list of the contents of the digest sized-paperbacks published by Spivak:

The Adventures of Sam Spade and other stories(Bestseller, 1944) reprinted as: They Can Only Hang You Once. Mercury, 1949. Partially reprinted as: A Man Called Spade, Dell, 1945.
     ? The Assistant Murderer
     ? His Brother's Keeper
     ? The Judge Laughed Last ["The New Racket"]
     ? A Man Called Spade
     ? Nightshade
     ? They Can Only Hang You Once
     ? Too Many Have Lived

The Continental Op (Bestseller, 1945)
     ? Death on Pine Street ["Women, Politics and Murder"]
     ? The Farewell Murder
     ? Fly Paper
     ? Zigzags of Treachery

The Return of the Continental Op (Jonathan, 1945)
     ? Death and Company
     ? The Gutting of Couffignal
     ? One Hour
     ? The Tenth Clue
     ? The Whosis Kid

Hammett Homicides (Bestseller, 1946)
     ? The Girl with the Silver Eyes
     ? The House in Turk Street
     ? The Main Death
     ? Night Shots
     ? Ruffian's Wife
     ? Two Sharp Knives

Dead Yellow Women (Jonathan, 1947)
     ? Dead Yellow Women
     ? The Golden Horseshoe
     ? The Green Elephant
     ? The Hairy One ["Ber-Bulu"]
     ? House Dick ["Bodies Piled Up"]
     ? Who Killed Bob Teal?

Nightmare Town (Mercury, 1948)
     ? Albert Pastor at Home
     ? Corkscrew
     ? Nightmare Town
     ? The Scorched Face

The Creeping Siamese (Jonathan, 1950)
     ? The Creeping Siamese
     ? The Joke on Eloise Morey
     ? The Man Who Killed Dan Odams
     ? The Nails in Mr. Cayterer
     ? This King Business
     ? Tom, Dick or Harry ["Mike, Alec or Rufus"]

Woman in the Dark (Jonathan, 1951) The title novelette was separately published by Knopf, 1988
     ? Afraid of a Gun
     ? Arson Plus [as by Peter Collinson]
     ? The Black Hat That Wasn't There ["It"]
     ? Holiday
     ? The Man Who Stood in the Way ["The Vicious Circle", as by Peter Collinson]
     ? Slippery Fingers
     ? Woman in the Dark

A Man Named Thin and other stories (Mercury, 1962)
     ? The Barber and His Wife [as by Peter Collinson] ? ss Brief Stories Dec '22
     ? The Gatewood Caper ["Crooked Souls"]
     ? In the Morgue ["The Dimple"]
     ? Itchy the Debonair ["Itchy"]
     ? A Man Named Thin
     ? The Second-Story Angel
     ? Wages of Crime ["The Sardonic Star of Tom Doody", as by Peter Collinson]
     ? When Luck's Running Good ["Laughing Masks"]


The Road Home, Black Mask, December 1922 by Peter Collinson

Two stories have been issued only in unauthorized editions and probably count as uncollected: The Diamond Wager, privately printed, 1977 The Crusader, privately printed, 1980.


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