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From: Joy Matkowski (
Date: 23 Mar 2002

> Kidding aside, a lot of list members may be using these nominations as
> references to help choose reading material. I think the rest of the month
> people should tell a few things about their more obscure nominations.

Yes, that's what I've been doing--taking notes on books that sound interesting, and I'd like to hear more.
    And I'd like to nominate two very hardboiled characters: 1. Charles LeBlanc, from William Hoffman's _Tidewater Blood._ After spending some time in Leavenworth and leaving the army, he lives for years as a hermit in the Virginia swamps--until he's accused of murdering his wealthy family. Then he's got to elude the manhunt as he searches for a killer. (I have another Hoffman book on Mount TBR; I don't know if it's a sequel.) 2. Shan Tao Yun of Eliot Pattison's _Skull Mantra_ and _Water Touching Stone._ In the first book, he's a Beijing detective who winds up a prisoner in the gulag in Tibet because he did his job too well and, while starving and freezing in an alien culture, has to continue detecting; in the second book, he explores the murderous ramifications of the Poverty Eradication Program in the windswept deserts of Xianjiang--on his own and AWOL from Tibet. The second book also has the Jade Bitch, the local prosecutor, who qualifies as a hardboiled secondary character, and people who've made themselves at home in an obsolete missile silo near the Indian border.
    Those are the toughest protagonists I've been able to remember so far.

Joy, not very tough, contrary to what some think

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