Re: RARA-AVIS: Nominations

From: M Blumenthal (
Date: 23 Mar 2002

Paul Miller:

> Listen folks I'm all for ending nominations and going to a vote so we can
> get back to normal. I think everyone but King Kong has been nominated as a
> Hard Boiled something or other. Let's end this and vote before someone
> nominates I love Lucy.
Paul, We had agreeed to have nominations end Mar 31 so we could vote in April. This will die down, but there may be some list members who are away who would regret not having the opportunity to nominate their special character. This time should be spent by others to contemplate on who are actually their absolute favorites. That's probably why there has been another thread running on Eastern philosophies/religions

Kidding aside, a lot of list members may be using these nominations as references to help choose reading material. I think the rest of the month people should tell a few things about their more obscure nominations. For instance, I nominated Wyatt who is Gary Disher's version of Parker in Australia, and Kevin and I I have nominated Thomas B Dewey's Mac who is a Chicago based PI in the fifties who was talked about on the list because in the book Mean Streets Bill Denton "had been badly used" Mark

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