RARA-AVIS: Nick Carter - author questions & a Quiller question

From: Rene Ribic ( rribic@optusnet.com.au)
Date: 22 Mar 2002

I've just picked up another shopping bag full of pb's from my (now) favourite charity stall - who are now being evicted from the Bondi Junction shopping mall, unfortunately - where I was lucky enough to pick up copies of Day Keene's FRAMED IN GUILT (which I think I have the original of - this is a UK reprint from 1973 with a nice cover, artwork reminiscent of both Mitchell Hooks & Bob Maguire); THE EIGER SANCTION; THE 9TH DIRECTIVE by Adam Hall (a Quiller book) & a couple of Ross Thomas books (not to mention a cassette of Charlie Rich's PICTURES & PAINTINGS which I no longer have the CD of). I also picked up a couple of "Nick Carter" books, on the strength of information received on this list about some of the authors who ghosted for the series.I have THE JUDAS SPY & SPY CASTLE. Could Bill Crider or one of the several other experts in this area tell me who the real author/s is/are & anything else relevant, i.e, are they any good, etc? Also, I haven't read any of the Quiller books - is this a good one?


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