From: Terrill Lankford (
Date: 22 Mar 2002

Ron Clinton wrote:

> I thought this book was a bit overrated, for the most part. While the
> characters were indeed quite intriguing and the ending had a terrific
> macabre touch, I felt the book meandered quite a bit into directionless and
> meaningless travelings by its main character and lacked a true narrative
> plot thrust. While even some of the finest noir works display this type of
> character-intense plotting (Goodis comes to mind), they usually have a
> substantial plotting framework as well; THE ICE HARVEST lacked this
> framework, I felt.

Ron, I think that's what I liked most about the book. When the "plot" came into play I was (slightly) less interested than when Charlie was wandering about. I thought the structure (or lack of it, depending on your POV) was very brave.

> Having said that, I (believe it or not) did enjoy the book and look forward
> to his new novel that is I believe due out sometime this year (according to
> the blurb on the chapter tease in the tpb version of THE ICE HARVEST).

THE WALKAWAY is also very good. It's longer and far more complex than ICE HARVEST and has at least TWO narrative drives. Dennis McMillan is publishing the Limited Edition of this one next month (I think), but the trade edition won't be out until August. Scott Phillips has also written a short story entitled SOCKDOLLAGER for McMillan's anthology that will be published towards the end of the year including stories from all (or most) of the authors he has published over the years. SOCKDOLLAGER is a real hoot. It will make the book worth the price all by itself.


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