Re: RARA-AVIS: Nominations

From: Terrill Lankford (
Date: 21 Mar 2002

Bludis Jack wrote:

> How did Jay Gatsby qualify?
> Jack Bludis


I'd say anyone who grew up poor, fought in W.W.I, killed a couple of guys
(maybe), became a notorious bootlegger and gangster to get close to a dame he was blood simple for, stalked her when he found out she was married (even buying a house across the lake from her place so he could "be close" to her), nailed said married dame in her cousin's house while her husband was at a party at his own house next door, tells her husband at a cocktail party in a hotel room that he's taking his wife from him, was in a speeding vehicle when his "girlfriend" ran over her husband's trampy mistress and told her to just keep on goin', and gets shot by the mistress's cuckolded husband (who has been sent to kill him by his own girlfriend's pissed off husband) - ought to qualify for a hard boiled character.

Just one guy's opinion, though....


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