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Date: 21 Mar 2002

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Clarisse Starling (series, Thomas Harris)

Dudley Smith (?, James Ellroy)

Ernest Stickney (STICK, RYAN'S RULES, Elmore Leonard)

Hannibal Lechter (series, Thomas Harris)

Hoke Mosely (MIAMI BLUES, Charles Willeford)

Jackie Brown (the one from Elmore's book, not the one from Higgins)

Matt Helm (series, Donald Hamilton)

Michael Schaefer (series, Thomas Perrry)

Pete Bondurant (series, James Ellroy)

Raymond Cruz

just making some corrections or clarifications to Joe's running compilation.

Clarisse Starling's name is spelled CLARICE. Lechter's name is spelled LECTER

Dudley Smith is a recurring character throughout the entire L.A. Quartet


Hoke Mosely is spelled MOSELEY. His appearance in 4 books makes him a series character.

Jackie Brown is a central character in Leonard's RUM PUNCH. In the book her name is JACKIE BURKE. Tarantino changed it to Brown for his film adaptation starring Pam Grier

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe Michael Shaefer is but one of the many aliases utilized by Perry's hitman character THE BUTCHER'S BOY, whose true identity remains a mystery to this day

Pete Bondurant is Howard Hughes' errand boy in AMERICAN TABLOID. He's not a series character. It is entirely possible he might have made a token appearance in one or more of the L.A. Quartet, but that would make a recurring character like the also nominated Dudley Smith

I'm assuming that Raymond Cruz refers to the protagonist from Elmore Leonard's CITY PRIMIEVAL: HIGH NOON IN DETROIT. If not, whoever nominated this guy should clarify. This Cruz also makes a token appearance in OUT OF SIGHT

Finally I'll throw two more names into the mix. Matt Helm's enigmatic boss, who's only known as MAC. And Ellroy's recurring EDMUND EXLEY from the L.A. Quartet, and one of the three featured cops in L.A. CONFIDENTIAL

John Lau

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