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Date: 21 Mar 2002

Hi Joe --

My list differs from yours only in the following additions:

Bob Hightower (Boston Teran, God Is A Bullet) Leonard Pine, (??) Paul Kavanagh (Lawrence Block as Paul Kavanagh, Such Men Are Dangerous) Red Dragon, (??) The hair-lipped fellah(?), (?,This Gun For Sale (?))

Does this mean you're volunmteering to take charge of the list? Bucking for the Letterman appearance? Let me know how I can help.

Best Regards, Erick

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> Subject: RARA-AVIS: Nominations List
> Not sure who was keeping track, but here's what I've got from the list
> since this started (so far all nominations, seconded or not). I tried to
> remove duplicates and fill in info as it was supplied, but I'm sure I
> missed some.
> I'm guessing if you can fill in any blanks it would be most helpful.
> Abraham Trahearne (THE LAST GOOD KISS, James Crumley)
> Alan Grofield (?, Richard Stark)
> Alexander Cutter, Mo Cutter and Richard Bone (CUTTER AND BONE, Newton
> Thornburg)
> Amos Walker
> Arkady Renko (series, Martin Cruz Smith)
> Artie Wu and Quincy Durant (series, Ross Thomas)
> Benny Cooperman (series, Howard Engel)
> Bigelow (?) - (SAVAGE NIGHT, Thompson)
> Bob Lee Swagger (?, Steven Hunter)
> Bob the Nailer (series, Stephen Hunter)
> Brigid O'Shaughnessy (THE MALTESE FALCON, Dashille Hammet)
> Bubba Rogowski (series, Dennis Lehane)
> Bumper Morgan (THE BLUE KNIGHT, Joseph Wambaugh)
> Burke (series, Andrew Vachss)
> Buzz Meeks
> Carlotta Carslyle (series, Linda Barne)
> Carmen Sternwood (THE BIG SLEEP, Raymond Chandler)
> Casper Gutman (THE MALTESE FALCON, Dashille Hammet)
> Charles Ripley (Lessford Police series, John Wainwright)
> Christie Opara (Opara series, Dorothy Uhnak)
> Clarisse Starling (series, Thomas Harris)
> Coffin Ed Johnson (?, Chester Himes)
> The Continental Op
> Dan Kearney (DKA series, Joe Gores)
> Dan Turner, Hollywood Detective
> Dave Robicheaux (series, James Lee Burke)
> Derek Strange and Terry Quinn (series, George Pelecanos)
> Detective Sergeant Department of Unexplained Deaths (Factory series, Derek
> Raymond)
> Dick Contino (DICK CONTINO'S BLUES, James Ellroy)
> Dick Tracy (newspaper strip, Chester Gould)
> Dimitri Karras
> Doc McCoy (GETAWAY, Jim Thompson)
> Donald Robak (series, Joe L. Hensley)
> Dudley Smith (?, James Ellroy)
> Earl Swagger (series, Stephen Hunter)
> Easy Rawlins (series, Walter Mosley)
> Eddie Coyle
> Elvis Cole(series, Robert Crais)
> Ernest Stickney
> Eva Wylie (?, Liza Cody)
> Fast Eddie Felson (HUSTLER and COLOR OF MONEY, Tevis)
> Frank Mansfield (COCKFIGHTER, Charles Willeford)
> Ghost (SHELLA, Andrew Vachss)
> Gravedigger Jones (?, Chester Himes)
> Guy Noir
> Hannibal Lechter (series, Thomas Harris)
> Hap Collins and Leonard Pine (series, Joe R. Lansdale)
> Harry Bosch (Michael Connelly)
> Harry Stoner (?, Jonathan Valin)
> Hawk (Spenser series, Robert Parker)
> Hoke Mosely
> Jack Carter (series, Ted Lewis)
> Jack Wild (GARDEN OF SAND AND TATTOO, Earl Thompson)
> Jackie Brown (the one from Elmore's book, not the one from Higgins)
> James Bond (series, Ian Fleming)
> Jane Whitfield (series, Tom Perry)
> Jay Gatsby and Tom Buchanan
> Joe Friday (Radio/TV series, Jack Webb)
> Joe Pike (Elvis Cole series, Robert Crais)
> Keller (HIT MAN, HIT LIST, Lawrence Block)
> Kells (FAST ONE, Paul Cain)
> Kinsey Milhone
> Lamar Pye (DIRTY WHITE BOYS, Steven Hunter)
> Lena the waitress (SHOOT THE PIANO PLAYER, David Goodis)
> Lew Archer
> Lew Griffin (series, James Sallis)
> Liza Cody (BUCKET NUT, Eva Wylie)
> Lloyd Hopkins (series, James Ellroy)
> Lou Ford (KILLER INSIDE ME, Jim Thompson)
> Marcus Clay
> Martin Beck (series, Maj Sjowall and Per Wahloo)
> Matt Helm
> Matthew Scudder
> Michael Schaefer (series, Thomas Perrry)
> Mike Hammer
> Milo Milodragonavitch (James Crumley)
> Mitch Taylor (Taylor/Freeman/Decker series, Lawrence Treat)
> Mitch Tobin(Donald Westlake writing as Tucker Coe)
> Morgan Hunt (series, Geoffrey Norman)
> Mouse (series, Walter Mosley)
> Munch Mancini (Barbara Seranella)
> Nameless (series, Bill Pronzini)
> Nestor Burma (?, LÚ»áMalet)
> Nicholas Emmerich (?,Valerio Evangelisti)
> Nick Stefanos (series, George Pelecanos)
> Nina Zero (series, Robert Eversz)
> Op with No Name (SOLOMON'S VINEYARD, Latimer)
> Parker (series, Richard Stark)
> Paul Pine (Halo series, Howard Browne)
> Phillip Marlowe
> Pierre Ange aka Pete Sawyer (Stone Angel series, Marvin Albert)
> Pinky (BRIGHTON ROCK, Graham Greene)
> Quiller (series, Adam Hall)
> Ray Hicks (DOG SOLDIERS, Robert Stone)
> Raymond Cruz
> Rebus (series, Ian Rankin)
> Repairman Jack (series, F. Paul Wilson)
> Richard Hudson (WOMAN CHASER)
> Richard Wentworth aka The Spider
> Roy Dillon (THE GRIFTERS, Jim Thompson)
> Roy Martin (THE NAME OF THE GAME IS DEATH, Dan Marlowe)
> Sailor (RIDE THE PINK HORSE, Dorothy Hughes)
> Sam Spade
> Samantha Dolan (LA REQUIEM, Robert Crais)
> Sharon McCone (series, Marcia Muller)
> Shugrue
> Skink a.k.a. The Governor (recurring character, Carl Hiassen)
> Skinny (series, James Colbert)
> Socrates Fortlow (series, Walter Mosley)
> Spenser (series, Robert Parker)
> Steve Carella (87th Precinct series, Evan "Ed McBain")
> Thorn (series, James W Hall)
> Tom Ripley (series, Patricia Highsmith)
> Travis McGee (series, John D McDonald)
> Tres Navarre (Tres Navarre series, Rick Riordan)
> V.I. Warshawski (series, Sara Paretsky)
> Virginia (BLACK WINGS HAS MY ANGEL, Chaze)
> Walter Huff (DOUBLE INDEMNITY, Cain)
> Wyatt (series, Gary Disher)
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