RE: RARA-AVIS: List of 100 Best hard boiled characters of the las t 100 years

From: Robison Michael R CNIN (
Date: 21 Mar 2002

great work, kerry! i notice you don't have a book or author listed for grave digger or coffin ed. if you want one, i believe chester himes would be the author and _cotton comes to harlem_ would be at least one book that they appear in (don't know about any others.)

whoops! i guess maybe you didn't do the list. oh, well, open mouth... insert foot. kudos to whoever did do the list.



>The Op,
>Hoke Mosely,
>Matt Helm,
>Doc McCoy
>Philip Marlowe
>Harry Bosch,
>Matt Scudder,
>Easy Rawlins,
>Tom Ripley,
>Lou Ford,
>Frank Mansfield, (Cockfighter),
>Richard Hudson, (Woman Chaser),
>Kells, (Paul Cain, Fast One),
>Fast Eddie Felson,
>Coffin Ed,
>Grave Digger,
>Elvis Cole,(Robert Crais),
>Travis McGee, (John D McDonald, series),
>Michael Schaefer, (Thomas Perry, Butcher's Boy, Sleeping Dogs),
>Mitch Tobin, (Donald Westlake (writing as Tucker Coe)),
>Hap Collins,
>Leonard Pine,
>Donald Robak, (Joe L. Hensley, series),
>Dan Turner (Hollywood Detective, Spicy Pulp),
>Parker, (Stark),
>Abraham Trahearne, (Crumley),
>Richard Wentworth, aka The Spider (series),
>Mouse, (Walter Mosley, series)
>Jane Whitfield, (Tom Perry, series),
>Bob the Nailer, (Stephen Hunter)
>Earl Swagger, (Stephen Hunter)
>Mike Hammer
>Rebus, (Ian Rankin)

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