RARA-AVIS: nomination update

From: Buzz ( BuzzMeeks@attbi.com)
Date: 20 Mar 2002

To update my nominations:

Lou Ford (Thompson, Killer Inside Me) Tom Ripley (Highsmith, series) Keller (Block, Hit Man, Hit List) Fast Eddie Felson (Tevis, Hustler, Color of Money)

And may I add:

Walter Huff (Cain, Double Indemnity) Virginia (Chaze, Black Wings Has My Angel)


> Here's a status report on the brush fire:
> Section one, Nominations to Date. I've excluded seconds; I think for the
> ease of bookkeeping, it's a good idea to vote on all the nominees at the
> end. Can those who've made nominations go back through this and add author
> and book or series? Thanks.
> Section Two, Rules to Date. Let me know if these seem complete, or if you
> have any additions or clarifications. Also, suggestions re: ranking rules.
> Section Three, FAQs. Can someone opine on the Anglo/non-Anglo question or
> second mine?
> There you have it.
> Best Regards, Erick

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