Re: RARA-AVIS: RARA-AVIS list of 100 Best hard boiled characters of the last 100 years

Date: 20 Mar 2002

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<< A ground rule that I think is needed: If you nominate somebody you have to include the author and/or the name of the book, or if the character is more than one book, the series.

If I wind up doing it, I'd only want nominees initially. I would then produce a list to be voted on so people should not suggest someone who already has already been nominated as of now. >>

atta boy, Mark. I second the Butcher's Boy and nominate Tom Perry's series character Jane Whitfield, who helps people disappear; and Stephen Hunter's two generations of war heroes, Bob the Nailer and his daddy Earl Swagger. I can see this brushfire raging unchecked till at least the end of the month when we all should vote.

John Lau

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