RE: RARA-AVIS: RARA-AVIS list of 100 Best hard boiled characters of the last 100 years

From: Anderson, Erick (ETW) (
Date: 20 Mar 2002

> >
> > someone better start counting.
Mark wrote:

> >
> I'm pretty busy right now so would have to keep the emails but I won't
> have time to collate anything for at least a week, but I'll be willing to
> keep track if nobody else volunteers since I suggested it
> A ground rule that I think is needed:
> If you nominate somebody you have to include the author and/or the name of
> the book, or if the character is more than one book, the series.
> If I wind up doing it, I'd only want nominees initially. I would then
> produce a list to be voted on so people should not suggest someone who
> already has already been nominated as of now.


Thanks Mark. Sounds great. I can help, if you'd like some.
As to timing and press release, etc.: let's say nominations until the end of the month. Then we can compile the list and confirm that nominations were received; take seconds at that time and confirm that all else is true and correct.
Let's say we make an announcement and release the list May 1. That would give everyone time to make sure the list is complete and that everyone is as happy with it as we're likely to get.
Does this work? Tell me if I'm off base.
Best Regards, Erick

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