RARA-AVIS: LA, Lankford, Chandler question

From: William Hagen ( billha47@hotmail.com)
Date: 18 Mar 2002

Just got back from a short visit to LA. Missed Pelecanos, but did see Terrill Lankford in his native habitat--Murder, Mayhem, and Movies bookstore
(perhaps with the M-words in different order).

I can report that Mr. Lankford looks just like the picture that Miker posted. He may have even been wearing the same clothes! Those of you who get out there or down there before he closes the store in May (?), should definitely look him/the store up. He has a very nice collection of crime fiction, including old stuff, at very reasonable prices (plus a rara-avis discount). And, in case no one has gathered it from this list, the man is definitely worth talking to.

Now a question: I was tramping around Hollywood, comparing handprints and all, and noticed a Raymond Chandler Square on the map. Didn't quite hike that far or missed it hiking (who knows?), so why is this park or square named after him? Hotel where he lived for a time? Important site for one of his novels, such as Farewell, My Lovely?

Bill Hagen

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