RARA-AVIS: islands in the stream

From: Michael Robison ( zspider@gte.net)
Date: 18 Mar 2002

> Strangely, islands in the Stream is the Hemingway I've reread most often,
> that and Moveabl Feast. The Islands movie with George Scott also gets my
> vote as best adaptation, narrowly beating out The Killers.
_islands in the stream_ seemed to be more like a "normal" novel, rather than the different, specialized style that hemingway was famous for. i liked it. cool story. some great action, like where the shark goes for one of his boys, or the fight on the dock. i didn't know there was a movie of the book. i'll hafta check it out.

did you know they did a two-part tv movie on hemingway's?

_a movable feast_ is a wicked autobiographical work, isn't it? lots of naughty gossip about many artists and writers who were hanging in paris in the 20's.


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