RARA-AVIS: Paperback Parade

From: William Denton ( buff@pobox.com)
Date: 14 Mar 2002

Talk on the list about Gary Lovisi's PAPERBACK PARADE [1] prompted me to order a couple of back issues, including the January, 1990 special on Shell Scott's creator Richard S. Prather (#16). It has a fairly long interview with him done by Richard Lupoff, then about eight pages of "A Richard S. Prather Reminisence," by the man himself. There are lots of black and white reproductions of covers, though strangely no bibliography of Prather's work. By today's standards it's fairly primitive, there are spelling mistakes, and the photocopier used needed a visit from the repairman. Including shipping it was $9 USD, about $15 CDN, which is pretty expensive. Still, it was good reading, and I intend to start going through the Shell Scott books in order. I have lots but haven't read many.

This issue didn't give me any burning desire to buy more, but are the current ones nicer? Has anyone seen #50, which has an article on Willeford by Don Herron? If so, is it original stuff or just drawn from his book WILLEFORD?


[1] http://www.gryphonbooks.com/

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