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Date: 13 Mar 2002

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<< I just read the scene where Chambers is at the Greek's funeral, and he comments that he starts crying because the hymns always get to him, especially when he liked the deceased as much as he liked the Greek. I can't decide how much irony is going here - is Chambers saying that this is what he wants people to think or that he really DID like the Greek. He certainly doesn't seem to have had much against him, personally, except wanting his wife. >>

Chambers did like the Greek. That's what's so pure about his amorality. It didn't stop him from killing him, did it?

And if Spade was as horny as Chambers, he'd have set it up so that Gutman would take the fall. Then he'd run off with Bridgette to find the real falcon while he wasn't fucking her brains out on some table.

John Lau

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