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Date: 11 Mar 2002

Well, aside from the shortlived western companion to MANHUNT, GUNSMOKE
(which I suspect, but don't know, may've been folded after complaint/threat of trademark-infringement suit by CBS or the producers of the radio predecessor to the TV show) and such contributors to both magazines as Steve Frazee, or such similar latter-day contributors to the ZANE GREY WESTERN revival and to MIKE SHAYNE MYSTERY MAGAZINE and the other Renown Publications in the '70s as Bill Pronzini (who isn't too impressed with the work he did for ZGW, as I understand), you'll do well with the likes of Ed Gorman and Loren Estleman in western hb.

Among the most obvious descendants of hb in sf include Algis Budrys, who had one of his sf novels published by legendary hb house Lion, but whose ROGUE MOON is probably his most hb sf (his Edgar nom or winning non-sf suspense
"The Master of the Hounds" is ultraviolet noir), and such other, even more frequent amphibians such as Edward Wellen (HIJACK), Harlan Ellison, Robert Bloch, Richard Matheson (who has also dipped into westerns), and Ed Gorman again. Leigh Brackett and Fredric Brown are pretty obvious citations here; perhaps less hb is Jack/John Holbrook Vance.

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Are there any Westerns people would consider hardboiled?

How about hb Science Fiction?

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