RARA-AVIS: Warren Murphy

From: Larson, Craig ( Craig.Larson@tsjc.cccoes.edu)
Date: 11 Mar 2002

I didn't mean to get defensive about my post regarding Pelecanos' _Hell to Pay_ and the dogfights--just meant to say that Pelecanos is better than most writers at really making you feel for the characters--when you see what they've had taken away from them, what they've lost, you can almost (not quite, but almost) understand how they got to be the way they are.

I got a shipment of the first 40 or so Destroyer paperbacks on Saturday that I won in an eBay auction and read the first two--very funny and fast moving. There's a real shift in tone from book one, which is more a straightforward, serious treatment of the avenger theme, but which has its moments, to book two, which is already pretty whacked out, as Remo becomes the security officer for a think-tank that has, apparently, developed a simple plan for taking over the world. With books like these, it's possible to read three or four of them in a day, so I'll have to be careful to ration them out. Just want to thank those who contributed to the "men's adventure" string a few weeks back and inspired me to look into these.

Craig Larson Trinidad, CO

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