Re: RARA-AVIS: poppa and pauline

Date: 11 Mar 2002

>It's not tough to argue that without Hemingway the hard-boiled
> school would be different and less, and that the minimalists might
not have happened at all. While some in literaryland might see that as a blessing
> these days, I don't.

Ha. Funny thing is, at my defense, my minimalist professor encourged me to "pulp up" my dissertation stories, using all the genre stuff I know and love in my literary work, since he thinks it would make it stand out in a good way. He then sent a great note urging me to keep writing crime fiction. It was a nice push in the right direction in the midst of so much literary snobbery, and I've happily discovered a couple of other co-conspirators who are students in writing programs as well as crime enthusiasts. They've said some similar things about their experiences of trying to work in both the literary and genre worlds while everyone arouind them is trying to get David Eggers
(McSweeney's editor) to like them. (If you don't know Eggers, you're blessed. Don't worry about it. But rest assured he is NOT the voice of the 20something generation.)


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