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From: Michael Robison ( zspider@gte.net)
Date: 10 Mar 2002

>mark miano said:
> Which leads to another subject: Mike, what did you think of LA? Did you
> visit any other mystery bookstores besides Terrill's? I want to hear all
> gory details.

i had a great time, mark. LA is a great city. i've been out there a few times. i stayed at the marina del rey marriot, which was within walking distance of venice beach. i went running there in the mornings. there's the la brea tar pits, mulholland drive, the drive along the beach up thru malibu and topanga canyon, the wonderful sleaze of hollywood, and the ritz of rodeo drive and beverly hills.

i've seen LA at some pretty momentous times... i was out there during the rodney king riots, when you'd drive along and note random areas that were burned, and then get stopped in traffic where a new section was on fire. usually i'm pretty oblivious to the pulse of a city, but that made me nervous. i was out there a couple months after a big earthquake collapsed a lot of buildings and a lot of the interstate overpasses.

i didn't hit any of the stores down in san diego, but the first day i got back to LA i called up terrill and got directions and drove up to his place. in heavy traffic, it was about 20 minutes north of me. here is a picture of the storefront: http://www.zspider.com/mmm.jpg

terrill and i talked for quite a while and i picked up a bunch of great books. here's a picture of terrill and some dorky looking fat guy. http://www.zspider.com/terrillandme.jpg

the only other store i hit was the small world bookstore on venice beach. they are not strictly a mystery bookstore, but they had a small selection of good books, and quite a few signed first editions. i tried to find the store in west hollywood one evening, but i didn't have any luck.


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