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Date: 09 Mar 2002

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<< I wouldn't count saying that you are wrong and that the respondent is a more qualified authority, or that it's just a matter of opinion, as addressing your point. That's not up to the usual high level of debate here, IMHO, but maybe I missed something this time around. >>

    If you missed anything, Kerry, it was that in this situation, there wasn't any way to advance from addressing each others opinions. They were too far apart. If two people look at the same color and one sees black and the other sees white, they can note the differences, but there isn't much to discuss without doing extensive research, writing a couple of dissertations
(and Neil's done with all that) and offering rebuttals.
    I find GP's characters (even his minor ones) amazingly true and alive, people I can see and would know if I passed them on the street or heard them on the phone. His plots seem straightforward and often linear, (which I prefer) exciting, reasonable and real, the kinds of stories that aren't contrived (except for a shoot 'em up ending or two) or constructed, but are driven by the actions of those same fascinating characters.
    When Paul read STD, he saw nothing that even approximated any of this. All we can do is shake our heads and wonder how the other guy can possibly see what he sees..
                                            Jim Blue

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