RARA-AVIS: Re: Dr. Smith

From: George Upper ( gcupper3@yahoo.com)
Date: 09 Mar 2002

--- "a.n.smith" < ansmith@netdoor.com> wrote:
> In the time since I came back to writing after
> reading BB, I've published
> over 20 short stories, both crime and literary.
> Today, I defended my
> dissertation (a short story collection) for a Ph.D.
> in English/Creative
> Writing.
> Seems to me a pedestrian and boring writer wouldn't
> inspire anyone that
> much. But hey, different tastes, different folks.

I don't know--Harry Harrison inspired me to write a bunch of sci-fi in my younger days, and I can barely read him anymore. In a way, I find him inspiring--when I read him, I think, 'Hey, if he can publish this stuff, I know I can publish mine.'

However, that said, I agree with you about Pelecanos. I don't understand how anyone can find the characters in SHAME THE DEVIL anything but well-drawn.

Congratulations on your degree. I hope you won't have to put up with too many impersonations of the robot from Lost in Space--it was, unfortunately, the first thing I thought of. But it could be worse. In a few years, I may be Dr. Upper. Sounds like a soft drink made with Coke's original recipe, doesn't it?


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