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Date: 09 Mar 2002

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<< After the first few pages this novel becomes pedestrian,

uninspired and down right boring. Is all Pelecanos like this?


    It's hard to believe that you and I read the same book, because your reactions to the pacing, the characterization, and the writing in general could not have been more different than mine. In fact, we are so far apart that I wouldn't know where to begin a discussion.
    I have my quibbles with George P.,but I believe his work is as powerful, rich, and skillful as is being produced in American literature of any genre today. I also believe that Shame the Devil is a marvelous piece of work, but if you don't like what you found here, you won't care for the rest of the GP library
    When I encounter a reaction like yours to a masterful writer like GP, it makes it easier than ever to shrug off unhappy review commentary of my own work. If a post modern master George can't please everyone, I'm certainly never going to do it.

                                    Jim Blue

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