RARA-AVIS: Shame the Devil

From: Paul Miller ( phm@midsouth.rr.com)
Date: 08 Mar 2002

I'm reading Shame the Devil by Pelecanos. The robbers have a change of car ready after the job and two more cars waiting in a garage. This seems like peperation for a big score like a bank job and not a robbery of a pizza joint. It just doesn't fit at all to me. This is my first Pelecanos and I must say I am disappointed so far. The book is fast paced at first but then slows down in endless getting to know different characters. The characterization is poor with cardboard people that seem like characters in a book, they just don't come alive. Sometimes less is more and something a character says or does can let you see that character for what they are better than fact fact fact about a person. For instance in Faulkner's Sanctuary we know little about Popeye yet very soon we come to an awful knowledge of him from action and a few words and he threatens to come off the page. After the first few pages this novel becomes pedestrian, uninspired and down right boring. Is all Pelecanos like this?

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