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Date: 05 Mar 2002

Of course, as an old fiction-magazine writer, he would've been very aware of what happened to f-m distributor American News Co., one of the early models for Raid and Plunder-style corporate dismemberment...TM

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: A MAN OF AFFAIRS I recall as a novel remarkably ahead of its time.
: If I am remembering the right one, MacDonald puts forth a situation in
: this 1957 novel that became common 15-20 years later. The story here
: is of a corporate raider.

That's the one. The raider would have been right at home in '80s when all those junk bonds were being sold and assets being stripped. There's an explanation of how the market and book values of the company differ, how that makes them vulnerable, and what the raider intends to do to get rich when he takes over. I'd forgotten JDM had a Harvard MBA, but like you say, he puts it to good use.

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