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From: Thomas Bauduret (
Date: 01 Mar 2002

> I suspect the basic idea (detective hired to find someone, who turns out
> to be the detective--an earlier self that he has forgotten, due to
> trauma) is not new. Any other examples? One of the cool things about
> the movie is the skilful way sympathy is developed for the protagonist,
> Harold Angel. This is one nice guy (played by Mickey Rourke, in
> counterpoint to DeNiro's Louis Cyphre), and you hate to see him fall.
There is an old Bill Ballinger novel where a guy whose throat has been cut survives, but suffers from amnesia. The key is a certain unsavoury charcter he keeps looking for, but he gets killedŠ without realising that the aforementioned character is himself !

> My wife read the book, and found it very disappointing. One of those
> unusual examples of the movie surpassing the book, in her opinion. (She
> and I feel the same way about _The Godfather_, but I suspect we might
> get an argument from some people on that one!)
Not from me. I read the book as a kid and it left no trace, unlike this Shakespearian trio that Coppola didŠ Definitely more than just another
"Mafia movie"Š Incidentally, a revered French mystery writer, Jean-Hugues Oppel, looks exactly like a young Coppola !!!!!


"Le cin魡 de B ࠚ"Š

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