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From: BetsyaW@aol.com
Date: 28 Feb 2002

<< Two, is there anything to do in Gainesville, FL other than dig through the John D. MacDonald manuscript collection? Anything I shouldn't miss?>> Paynes Prairie and adjacent to it, The Yearling, a restaurant mext to the Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings home. North-central Florida isn't noted for cuisine but this is one great restaurant, and Payne's Prairie has an otherworldly beauty.
 And DO NOT miss The Devil's Millhopper, just outside the city limits on the northwest. Believe it's a state park. a 10,000 year old sinkhole filled with semitropical forest. The other thing is the university, the official colors of which are blue and gold polyester, where you can watch the student parking space waltz. Goering's bookstore is worth a visit. Lots of old books, some collector books, much about Florida. In a message dated 2/26/02 5:31:33 PM, owner-rara-avis@icomm.ca writes:


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