Re: RARA-AVIS: To Live & Die in LA adaptation

From: Rene Ribic (
Date: 26 Feb 2002

> I think Friedkin decided to tell a different story than the one
told in
> the novel, and that the film is considerably darker (and IMO, more
> interesting), than the original. The doppleganger stuff between Rick
> and Richie Chance would have never taken place in a Petiviech book
about the
> Feds. Once Chance's conscience (his partner, Jimmy Hart) is killed
off, he
> becomes every bit as big an outlaw as the guy he is pursuing.
> Jim Blue

It's amazing (& a little embarrassing) that I hadn't noticed that the doppelganger situation re: the 2 Dicks because now that you point it out it's screamingly obvious. A doppelganger relationship I did notice was that at the end of the movie Vukovich has taken on Masters' (or Chance's, whichever was his partner) characteristics - he dresses like him, acts like him & inherits his informant/lover.Does that make him a doppel-doppelganger?



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