RARA-AVIS: Re: Gerald Petievich

From: WoodyHaut@aol.com
Date: 26 Feb 2002

Regarding Gerald Petievich. I interviewed him for my forthcoming book, Heartbreak & Vine: Crime Writers, Screenplays and Studios (published in September, Serpent's Tail). At the time of the interview- Spring, 2000- he was just finishing his first novel in some ten years, readily admitting that writing screenplays had adversely affected his career as a novelist (not an uncommon complaint). The interview is not only an articulate statement on the relationship between noir fiction and film, but a hilarious and scathing attack on the film industry. While Petievich wrote the screenplay to To Live and Die, he maintains that he had no real control over the script. Still, he believes the film to be pretty close to the novel, and, though he says it's not as good as film noir from the 1950s, it's "pretty good compared to what is being made today." By the way, also included in Heartbreak & Vine are interviews with Bezzerides, Leonard, Ellroy, Crumley, Bunker, Pelecanos, Wambaugh, Lehane, Westlake, etc..

Woody Haut

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