From: Rene Ribic (
Date: 24 Feb 2002

> thanks etienne (and rene), i'll keep an eye out for "clean break".
with the
> good book luck i've been having lately i'll probably stumble on it
next week
> or something.
> -ksm
You may want to look out for it under the title "The Killing" as that's the most recent edition that I'm aware of (Black Lizard in the 1980's). The original Gold Medal edition would be a cooler one to get (IMO) but it's probably much harder to get & more expensive (unless you're lucky enough to find it in a charity shop, etc). And just to (apparently) contradict what I said in an earlier post, I think this is one case where the movie actually is better than the book, although the book is a nice tight little read & definitely recommended).


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