From: Jordan McPeek ( jordan_mcpeek@yahoo.com)
Date: 23 Feb 2002

My son was born just over a year ago, Feb. 15/01. I just caught up on my Rara-Avis this morning. I cut off my other lists and haven't kept up with some favourite magazines and websites, but, dammit, I've read all my Rara-Avis for the past three or four years. I figured I'd join the hordes of lurkers jumping on to the list lately and contribute a few thoughts.

Recent reads

BECAUSE THE NIGHT by James ELLROY - My, what big words you have, Grandpa Ellroy! The vocabulary, the complex sentences were impressive, but a little distracting at times, taking me out of the story. Does Ellroy stand alone with this kind of wordplay overkill? I can't think of anyone who does it quite to this degree. Another minor annoyance: I found the switching POV between the cop and his quarry jarring. Everytime it switched, I'd be annoyed for the first few paragraphs cause I wanted to keep going with the previous character. But then I'd get absorbed in the new POV, and carry on until the next switch. Minor annoyance #3: I knew what the bad guy was up to because of the POV switch, but had to rehash it all as the cop figured it out. I suppose this is the intended fun part of a POV switch, but it was just redundant. Overall, I liked the book. At first I figured the bad guy was another super psycho baddie who was just evil through and through and always was and will be, but I should've known better (this was my 6th or 7th Ellroy, although 1st one in a couple years); the baddie's background is explored later in the book, and all the characters are shown to be severely flawed. All grey; no black and white. That's what I like. I think this really stood out for me because I went from Robert Crais' Voodoo River straight into this one, and good/evil is much more clearly defined in that book. Voodoo River is a simpler enjoyable read with more of a by-the-numbers approach. I enjoy _and_ appreciate an Ellroy much more.

Jordan in Winnipeg
(not to be confused with Kent from Winnipeg or Funkmaster Jordan)

Who says it's cold in Canada? I haven't worn my longjohns in over a week. BTW, I really don't like hockey.

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